Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to be perfect? 

Do you ever wonder who it is you really are?

If any of the above questions describe you, then you just might want to read on... because here’s the thing:

The constant pressure of ‘doing’ to become something is a global epidemic.

It sees you striving to be perfect, productive and always ‘switched on’. It sees you consistently plugged into tech, which disconnects you from the true essence of your soul. It sees you choosing the illusion of who you think you are instead of embodying who you really are.

What You’ve Been Made To Believe Is Not Your Fault

Your unconscious mind doesn’t serve you. It runs based on excessive seriousness and patterns of negativity that you have been conditioned with since childhood.

And as a result, it is very likely that you don’t trust your soul.

So there’s a big chance that you live in a constant battle with your shadows — the hidden parts of your subconscious that hold aspects of yourself that you dislike and project onto others. And the effect of this has you literally dragging around your emotional baggage, which leaves you feeling:

  • Anxious or confused and overwhelmed from overthinking
  • Caught up in believing that parts of yourself are unacceptable
  • Over-involved in other people’s dramas
  • Fearful of making mistakes
  • Pressure to perform
  • Difficulty in asking for help

You Are Not Alone

I SEE you, because I’ve been there.

I understand the struggles of hidden shadows, which manifested in several ways in my life, including morbid obesity, alcoholism, chronic fatigue, dealing with feelings of shame and decades of depression. Conditions like these hold us back from our soul’s true potential. 

As a society, we are struggling with severe symptoms of mental health issues, physical toxicity and illness through medication and processed foods, fear and violence in the mainstream media, and environmental pollution from things like electromagnetic smog from our constant ‘plugged-in-ness’. The cumulative effect can cause a general sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection in the collective consciousness from all the ‘doing’ that we’re supposed to do.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The answer is quite simple… and you already know it in your heart.

Our souls came here to play and when we play, the Universe answers.

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