Everyone has shadows — the hidden aspects of ourselves and the so-called demons we hide and often project onto others. Anyone you meet and take an instinct dislike to could be the recipient of a shadow projection you have yet to integrate.

So what to do about all the unpleasant thoughts, fears, judgements and recurring patterns you don’t knowingly choose? The anxieties and rages that wake you up in the early hours? The downward spirals and feelings of disconnection and loneliness you get for no apparent reason?

There’s a big chance that you live in a constant battle with your shadows, which probably has the effect of you literally dragging around your emotional baggage.

In your waking hours, you numb your feelings with addictions like smoking, drugs, food, TV, alcohol, social media, toxic relationships and/or alcohol, unconsciously believing that these will help meet your deepest needs. Or you expect to find fulfillment from something else outside of you to fill the hole of emptiness you feel.

So will you continue to feed your shadows or feel them through play? (HINT: this is the secret sauce!)



What Is Shadow Play?

Unlike ‘shadow work’, which is about confronting and fighting with your shadows or inner demons, which can be not only a very painful but sometimes a lifelong process, Shadow Play isn’t about eradicating them. Through Shadow Play, which also plays with the powerful shadow phase energy of the moon, you will come face-to-face as well as embrace your shadows so that they are neutralised energetically, no longer trigger you and instead become a trusted friend and ally that you can play with.

When You Shadow Play You’ll:

✔︎ Feel more confidence, self trust and self worth

✔︎ Fall in love with your body

✔︎ Move beyond resistance

✔︎ Have more energy

✔︎ Speak your truth

✔︎ Up your spiritual growth game

✔︎ Reconnect and rejoice in your YOU-niqueness

✔︎ Improve your relationships — especially the one with yourself

✔︎ Use the power of your shadows constructively rather than destructively (no more self sabotage, YAY!)

✔︎ Open your energetic channel to make more money — and have fun doing it! 🙂

Shadow Play will help you to activate more FUN, ENERGY and MONEY into your life in JUST 30 days, so that you experience more confidence and engage with your playful soul.

How It Works

Phase 1/Dark Play: Send Light To Your Shadows

On our first meeting, coinciding with the new/dark moon, we will have a 90-minute video call, which will be recorded for you and take place on zoom.us (the link will be provided on signup). During the call we will identify and acknowledge your shadows that are ready to be revealed together, and you will feel ready to get started with your Shadow Play process.

Phase 2/Wax Play: Reconnect To Your Default Playful Self

After your shadows have been brought to light on your first call, you’ll be given your daily ‘homeplay’, which will take no more than 15 minutes to do each day and will play a large part in reconnecting to your playful soul, activating and opening your heart centre for growth and shifting you out of your everyday ‘head talk’.

Phase 3/Full Play: Letting Go In The Light

Using the power of the full moon’s bright light, on this call you’ll easily be able to release any leftover energetic cords and toxins that your shadows have been attached to.

Phase 4/Wane Play: Celebration Playdate

On your final call, you will integrate and celebrate with your healed shadows, as well as reflect on how far you’ve come after the 30-day process.

In addition to the above, once a week in your inbox you’ll get an email from me that will focus on accountability and provide inspiration, including tips on how to keep your energy at a high vibration

“Shadow Play allows you to integrate self love on a cellular level without sacrificing your sanity. I’m here to let you know that playing with our shadows is the new black.” — Theresa Fowler

Here’s What You Get When You Enrol

  • 90-min first call
  • 30 days of ‘homeplay’
  • guided meditation download
  • weekly inspirational emails
  • 30-min check-in call
  • 60-min integration call
  • Shadow Playbook download

Who It’s For...

Those who don’t fit into the boxes society wants to shove us in — the rebels, misfits, introverts, non-conformists, creatives, entrepreneurs, existentialists and starseeds of this world who know that there is something greater for them and are committed to their cause, but need guidance on how to navigate their path.

Who It’s Not For...

This program is not for you if you’re not ready to commit to finding 20 minutes a day to do your ‘homeplay’ and making this a priority for the next 30 days.

People Who Have Played With Me 🙂

“Playing with you, having you hold space while I spin my gurgle and then be gently redirected back to centre is a gift... It's magic! You do it all the time... and I’m really grateful!”
Asha Gill
Speaker, Writer, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
“Theresa truly is the embodiment of love, self love and playfulness! Even just being around her, you can feel this energy that uplifts and shifts you into more of being you — your pressure drops and life feels fresh.”
Aurélie Van Brussel
Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Instructor
“I have started to make contact with my higher self and now know that there are no limitations. The way I look at life has completely changed. I am so thankful to have met you and for your guidance in my life Theresa.”
Mark Rijswijk
Entrepreneur and Entertainer
“Theresa is a beautifully gifted woman with the ability to see in into your shadows. Her ability to hold space, especially as an online presence, is impressive. Her therapy works wonders and her soft, gentle persistence helped me make incredible shifts. I highly recommend her.”
Christy Renee Stehle
Author and Life Coach
“I can highly recommend Theresa for her unexpected approach to self help and personal development. Playing with her brought clarity I didn’t know could exist into both my personal and professional life.’
Stephen Eustace
NMR Scientist, Delft University of Applied Sciences

Two Ways To Shadow Play

30-Day Shadow Play

90-minute first call

We will have a 90-min virtual playdate where together we’ll uncover the shadows holding you back and prepare your homeplay for the next 30 days.

30 days of homeplay

After our playdate you will be armed with the guidance you need that will take you no longer than 20 minutes each day.

Daily guided meditation

This mp3 will help you to activate your playful soul faster and you can listen to it whenever you choose throughout the day.

Weekly inspirational emails 

You’ll also find some encouragement and wisdom from me once a week in your inbox.

30-minute check-in call

This call can be taken at an agreed scheduled time during Phases 2/3.

60-minute integration call

At the end of your 30 days, we’ll have a virtual private chat again to celebrate how far you’ve travelled on this journey and set you up for playing with your shadows for life.


90-Day Shadow Play

Everything included in 30-Day Shadow Play... 

✔︎ 90-minute first call ✔︎ 30 days of homeplay ✔︎ daily guided meditation ✔︎ weekly inspirational emails ✔︎ 30-minute check-in call ✔︎ Shadow Playbook download ✔︎ 60-minute integration call

the following bonuses:

Access to The Shadow Play private Facebook group You’ll gain access to my private Facebook group where I’m active daily and where you’ll also receive accountability and connection with likeminded souls.

4x 60-minute follow-up calls You can schedule your bonus mentoring virtual calls with me at any time within 90 days of starting Shadow Play.

My personal WhatsApp number For my guidance and wisdom whenever you need it and for booking your bonus follow-up calls.


Payment plan available

Money Back Guarantee

If after finishing your 30 days you feel that your life hasn’t improved radically (and you have completed all of the homeplay and fully taken part in our calls), then I will refund your investment. No questions asked.

I look forward to playing with you in the shadows…

Frequently Asked Questions

Shadow Play has been created to take you no more than 15 minutes each day to do your ‘Homeplay’.

There is also an optional 12-minute guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibration cellularly. You can choose to listen to this meditation upon waking or before sleeping to save time.

Shadow Play has been created as a simple to use 30-day process that you will be able to easily implement in your daily schedule.

Of course, you can also choose to do the daily Homeplay at your own pace, although the energetic momentum you will create by doing the same thing repetitively for 30 days will have a greater effect on raising your vibration and activating your self love frequency on a cellular level.

Yes. And this is exactly why I created Shadow Play — to take away the difficulty of ‘working on yourself’ and transmute it into a playful energy.

The result is that in just 15 minutes for 30 days, Shadow Play will give you lasting and healing effects by making a change to your physical energy on a cellular level, thereby boosting your confidence, raising your energy and vibration, improving your health and relationships, and opening you up to even more abundance.

It has taken me more than 10 years of studying personal development and spending $10,000s working with many coaches to create what I’ll be sharing with you, which will make a massive shift in your consciousness over 30 days. You won’t be paying me for my time, but for my experience and wisdom.

Everything worth having comes with investment, so if you are ready to be more, do more and have more in your life, then let’s play!

Plus, I offer a money back guarantee of 30 days for 30-Day Shadow Play and 60 days for 90-Day Shadow Play if you are not completely satisfied.