Sometimes you don’t have either the time, money or energy to join and commit to one of my 30-day, 3-month or 6-month personal development/healing programmes. 

Sometimes all you need is clarity in the moment to shift your mindset out of any stuckness you may be feeling. 

The following playful 45-minute online sessions (via and recorded by request) are both fast and fun —
and the energy exchange is an affordable US $75.00.

What’s not to like?❋


Awakening Play

Chances are you’ve neglected to maintain a relationship with your inner child. Most of us are in the same situation, because being friends with your inner child isn’t something we’re taught to do. The good news is they haven’t ‘gone away’. In this powerful session, you’ll reawaken your inner child to add more fun to your life.


Power Playdate

Use this session to make NOW the moment you choose to re-member who your inner child is. Doing so will enable you to
re-activate your play frequency on a more consistent basis.
More play = more joy & automatic self love & unlimited abundance— without even trying! 
What’s not to like?


Play ’N’ Chill

Are you feeling unrest? Or anxiety? Can’t relax? Then it’s time to release the monster yelling at you for not having/doing/being enough. During this session, you’ll feel into a state of deep relaxation on a cellular level that you can take away and practice on your own. 


Loving Play

Need a top-up on your self love? Sometimes our hidden patterns can rear their ugly heads, hindering our flow of self worth — even when we’re practicing personal development on the daily. If a trigger has got you in a shizz, then Loving Play is for you.



❋  After your PayPal payment of US $75 is complete, you’ll be sent a link to my online calendar to schedule your Playdate.