What I Believe...

I believe that you are not here by accident I believe that whatever makes you different is exactly who you’re meant to be (the universe doesn’t make mistakes 😉) I believe that your life is a gift and the world is your playground I believe in flying your freak flag high I believe that the key to reigniting your soul comes from nourishing your heart first I believe that you don’t have to spend years ‘working on yourself’ (because who needs to do even more work, right?) I believe in playing with your shadows… And that is why I support like-minded humans to liberate themselves from the society’s shackles of self-doubt, anxiety, overwhelm and the hustle of perfectionism so that they feel self love and thrive in their soul’s hidden power. It’s time to re-member your soul and become all that you are meant to be!

Why I Do What I Do...

In this moment in time, most of the countless challenges we face on the planet will not be solved with our current way of thinking, which is based on patriarchal value systems of control, manipulated logic and strategies that provide dysfunctional results — the shadow side of masculine energy that lives within us all.

I created The Power of Play and Shadow Play program, because transformation needn’t take ages or be a painful and serious process. 

Through my commitment in finding my own way, which hasn’t always been easy, I now know how to expose the shadows and limiting beliefs within you to help you break through your mind shackles in a much easier, lighter and playful way.

Before the global awakening of humanity can fully take hold, we must shine a light on our collective shadows so that they disappear.

And this is why I do what I do.