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Why Playing With Your Shadows Is The New Black

Everyone has shadows — the aspects in our personalities that we’re not aware of because they’re hidden in our subconscious minds (which run the show 96% of the time — yes really!) and which we often project onto others. 

Anyone you meet and take an instinct dislike to could be the recipient of a shadow projection. We tend to have the amazing ability to recognise other people’s ‘bad’ qualities while being totally blind to those same qualities in us.

The darkness of our shadows manifest not only in us individually, but also in our families and relationships, in our sexuality and even in global society through our religions and politics.

Hurt people hurt people and because of shadows, most of us are hurting. #facts

So what do you do about all those unpleasant thoughts, fears, conflicts, judgements, difficulties, recurring patterns you don’t knowingly choose, anxieties and rages that wake you up in the early hours? What do you do about the downward spirals, disconnection and loneliness you feel for no apparent reason?

In our waking hours, most of us numb them away through destructive distractions and addictions like cigarette smoking, drugs (including prescription medication), junk food, porn, reality TV, mobile phones, toxic partners/relationships, being busy all the time and alcohol, unconsciously believing that these will meet our deepest needs. Or we expect to find fulfillment from our romantic partners, gurus, yoga, chanting or something else outside of us to fill the hole of emptiness we feel within ourselves.

You may have heard of shadow work, which may appear undesirable, but if any of the above has resonated, then perhaps it’s time to give your shadow the time and attention it wants?

Shadow Play is different (because for starters, who needs more work, eh?).

Shadow work is about meeting and confronting your shadows in an attempt to fight and eradicate them, which is a painful and lifelong challenge. 

Shadow Play, on the other hand, makes facing your shadows fun by taking you out of the thoughts in your head and feeling into your heart so that you embrace them in a long-term relationship — this is the secret sauce to living life full out 🙂

When you face and embrace your shadows, you:

✔︎ No longer react out of anger, hurt, judgement or blame ✨✨✨

✔︎ Fully integrate and accept the previously unacceptable parts of yourself ✨✨✨

✔︎ Learn how to use the power of your shadows constructively rather than destructively (no more self sabotage, YAY!) ✨✨✨

✔︎ Reconnect to the creative, wild (and sometimes scary) part of the real you — your soul, spirit, higher self, whatever you want to call it — that will make you feel whole again. ✨✨✨

What’s not to like?

So my question is: How much are you willing to make yourself a priority and commit to your own personal development? This isn’t ‘self help’. This is opening your mind (and more importantly, your heart) to a new state of being. 

Until you make the darkness of your shadows visible, real progress isn’t possible. When you see more of yourself, you fear less — of yourself and others. And as a society, we need real progress now!

So are you willing to explore that which for most has remained unexplored — for the sake of your children and their children?

I truly believe that if every human being was given access to this understanding in childhood, there wouldn’t be so much pain and darkness on this planet, because as I said before only #hurtpeoplehurtpeaple.

Join me on Wednesday 11 – Friday 13 September 2019 for a 3-day Shadow Play Challenge where you’ll learn how to shift the biggest shadow that’s holding you back from more fun, love and money.

I look forward to playing with you in the shadows! 🙋🏽🤗💖