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Why Playing With Shadows Is The New Black

I want to share something with you…

I’ve been playing with some deep shadows over these past few weeks. Shadows that had been holding onto deeply buried emotions of rage, anxiety, unworthiness and resentment that I had manifested during childhood.

Shadows that were handed down to me (unknowingly) by my parents and ancestors.

Coming out of this dark night of the soul, I am innerstanding that I must claim my wiseAF-ness in this 3rd dimension to guide others who are ready to feel into the new human 5D frequency of BEing.

‘Innerstanding’ (because we no longer need to be ‘under’ anything anymore) the frequency of the 5th Dimension allows you to:

– Trust your intuition/higher self

– Calm The Noise in your head

– Activate and feel your energetic light body

– Live from your heart centre

Your struggles only exist now because you’re being activated to express more possibility.

Your 5D soul wants to play, but your 3D human gets in the way. 

And your soul is being called forth to a much higher potential.