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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

No matter how much meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices you do, you can still hear (loud and clear as day) your negative self talk. 

You KNOW that your self-sabotaging thoughts are ruling your life… as well as your body, relationships and finances.

But no matter what or how much self care you practice, you still get the feels when it comes to stress and anxiety. 

You can’t sleep.

You’re eating like crap.

And you can’t get through the day without coffee, chocolate, wine and/or cigarettes to ‘feel better’. 

In the moment. 

Because come tomorrow (or even 30 minutes later, LOL), you’ll beat yourself up about those choices. 

You feel stuckAF.

I’m no different (because I’m also hue-man).

I have sooooooo been here, even as recently as a couple of months ago. 

Yet in this moment, I also KNOW that this self-flagellating BS (our so-called Belief Systems) is NOT who you really are. Of course, we are hue-man and we’re here to experience the so-called good and bad, so no judgment.

But our BS is a complete illusion we’ve bought into because we didn’t know any better.

I do know better NOW.

So how did I get unstuck from my stuckness?


Asking for help is something many of us are not used to doing.

Asking for help is something many of us see as being weak.

Asking for help is something many of us feel burdensome about.

Asking for help is something many of us think is a yet another problem we will become indebted to.

Asking for help is something many of us have been programmed not to do because of deep rooted fear that we may not even be conscious of.

But I asked anyway (well, technically I asked the Universe and gave myself permission to receive the opportunity for the help). 

And the opportunity came in the form of someone who truly sees the real me — my soul. I won a scholarship to work with this amazing BE-ing, who is guiding me to expand my consciousness in ways that although I knew were possible, I have felt stuck for years in getting to experience them.

She is helping me to guide my light in a much bigger way. 

Because it’s time.

What are you going to do today to tap into your true BE-ing to get you unstuck?

I look forward to hearing your comments!

In peace, love and health, 🙋🏽💖