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What Does Your Inner Child Want To Say To Adult You?

There was a time when I lived 100% in my head.

There was a time when I ignored ALL the signs, synchronicities and feelings in my gut that told me not to do certain things or act in certain ways because they didn’t ‘make sense’ to my rational mind.

And where did all that thinking get me? A whole buttload of trouble including years of self-sabotage, because I had forgotten what my heart loved, that’s what.

I had forgotten (in all my decades of conditioned and programmed seriousness, depression and physical pain) that I love to sing. That I love to dance. That I love to paint. That I love to tell silly jokes. That I love to blow bubbles. That I love to laugh big time. That I love to write. That I love to eat pizza (because #pizza). That I love to ride bicycles. That I love hiking in forests. That I love theme parks (especially the rollercoasters!). That I love smiling at strangers, especially when they smile back. That I freaking love babies! That I freaking love dogs! (I also freaking love Duran Duran… I actually have NEVER forgotten that I loved them, I just thought I’d mention them… because, well, #duranduran, LOL!)

So why had I forgotten? Because those things weren’t ‘serious’ and I was an adult now and had to be serious because that’s what everyone else did.


Then one day (and not that long ago, mind you), I decided to ask myself WWLTD (what would little Theresa do)?

Would she rather: 

See things clearly without preconceived judgment? 

Be able to forgive and forget in an instant?

Be open to new experiences and relationships that fill her with joy?

Reduce her stress and have more fun?

Or would she rather:

Keep doing what she’s doing, feeling stuck and overwhelmed? 


WHAT do you think she said to me?

Embracing your inner child is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself in healing issues from your past

Because when you let that shiz go, you free yourself up not only to enjoy your present, but to also move forward into a more joyous future.

Wanna play?

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