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Letting Go Of Childhood Trauma

Who would you be if you could remove elements of your subconscious mind that don’t serve you? These past few weeks have been a wild ride of soul searching for me. Embracing the new earth energies of 5D while being in a 3D flesh suit ain’t easy, LOL! It started with what I thought was a bad …

Raising vibration

Are You Ready To 5D?

You’re being called forth to play your part in putting the world to order. You can feel it. Yet you’re struggling in figuring out the ‘how’. And the reason the struggle exists is not what you think it is… In this moment, most of the countless challenges we face on the planet will not be …

Do You Even 5D?Curious as to what I'm even on about?

Most of the countless challenges we face won't be solved with our current way of thinking, which is based on toxic patriarchal value systems formulated in the density of the 3rd dimension. It’s time to feel your way into 5D, which will allow you to take the vital steps in the right direction, leading from your heart, not the self-sabotaging shackles of deception that live in your mind.

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