Raising vibration

Letting Go Of Childhood Trauma

Who would you be if you could remove elements of your subconscious mind that don’t serve you?

These past few weeks have been a wild ride of soul searching for me. Embracing the new earth energies of 5D while being in a 3D flesh suit ain’t easy, LOL!

It started with what I thought was a bad cold in Bali and ended up with severe back and ankle pain in Kuala Lumpur, with a whole load of physical anomalies along the way, including digestive issues, vomiting, headaches and feeling on edge all the time.

Not normal.

As it turns out, I wasn’t really ‘sick’, but experiencing what some call Ascension Flu.

“WTF?”, you ask.

According to cosmicstarseed“As the chakras expand, the energy within the body begins to break down the toxins and flushes them out through the blood. As the blood is carried throughout the body, it is not compatible with the new energy signature, and can cause you to feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck. Aches and pains can cover the whole body and fever can get quite high. This feels worse than the common flu and may or may not be accompanied by congestion in the lungs.”

Now, I’m known for helping people shift their limiting beliefs, shadows and thought patterns (hence, that’s why they call me The Thought Shifter). 

It’s one of my gifts and I love helping people move forward and feel empowered. But I find it difficult to see my own shizzle, so I chose to ‘ride out’ feeling like complete $#*t and accept that that was where I was in the moment.

And then last week I went to stay with my soul siSTAR Asha, who, as if by magic, got a massive download about me when we were discussing life and energy: “Why are you so full of rage?”

This had my head going like, “Whaaaaaaaat?”

See, I used to be a VERY angry person, but the more I started FEELING self love, the less I allowed people to trigger me. And it took A LOT of practice for me to walk away from situations that previously would have had me explode, so I THOUGHT I had dealt with all my residual anger.

Obviously not.

The next day by the pool, I was reading a book called Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro, when I happened to check out where the emotion of rage is stored in the body.

Can you guess where?

Lying in the sun (yay vitamin D!), I did a body scan and when I got to my back and ankles, two significant incidences from my childhood flashed into my awareness — incidences that I had long forgotten about, but that I now saw had developed into an unconscious belief to my little self (pictured above) that I was unworthy of love.

So, even though I have worked (and now played) my way to FEELING self love on a cellular level in my 3D body, there were still blocked places in my energy field (near my physical back and ankles) of feeling unworthy of love.

Lightbulb moment!

Having the tools to help me shift this energy, I allowed the rage to rise up within me and ended up crying like a baby for about an hour. Then I began sending love to those hidden places.

Sending love to little Theresa, who didn’t know how to process her pain.

And then my pain subsided.

And I felt reborn (AGAIN!).

See, we ALL have childhood shadows buried deep inside that we’re not even consciously aware of.

Which is why we need the help of others to overcome them, especially in this 3D to 5D journey.

So, I ask you: Who could you be without the thought ‘I’m unworthy of love’?