Raising vibration

Are You Ready To 5D?

You’re being called forth to play your part in putting the world to order.

You can feel it.

Yet you’re struggling in figuring out the ‘how’. And the reason the struggle exists is not what you think it is… In this moment, most of the countless challenges we face on the planet will not be solved with our current way of thinking, which is based on toxic patriarchal value systems — the shadow side of masculine energy.

Systems based on control, manipulated logic and strategies that provide dysfunctional results.

We are beginning to innerstand that we must also integrate the nature, compassion, intuition, sharing and empathy of the divine feminine in order to function as a sustainable whole, not only within ourselves but within humanity as a whole.

It’s time to wake up for reals.

It’s time to feel our way into the 5th dimension, which allows us to take the vital steps in the right direction.

It’s your key to ascension.

Instead of running away from our shadows by taking prescription drugs or alcohol, or by distractions like TV, spectator sports, internet and social media addiction, we must address them and cultivate our hearts.

Otherwise we’ll remain imprisoned by the self-sabotaging shackles of deception that live in our 3D minds.