3D to 5D Consciousness Raising vibration

A Lesson In Letting Go

Creating my new website has not been easy for me. It has been months since my download of making life (and hence my soul’s business for being here) more fun. And making a website from scratch is not my idea of fun, LOL!

You see, my secret sauce is in helping others to play with their shadows once I shine my light on them. That shizzle is fun. That shizzle shifts energetic timelines. That shizzle is what I’m here to do to help with the shift in consciousness on this planet in this now.

Dealing with technology and customer services is not.

After weeks of creating (with the help of my dear siSTAR @katrinah — check her out!), the night before I was set to hit the Publish button, I got hacked. Like big time. So much so that it took me a while to even get to log in because someone had not only infected my site with a load of creepy redirects, but also had changed the user settings so that I couldn’t log in.

Freaking nightmare.

It took me days of emails to customer service to all the tech people involved (who were halfway around the world, so hello time zone hassles) in order to fix things. Which in the end meant that I basically had to create a whole new site, with a whole new look and a bunch of whole new copy because I had lost most of the original in the hack.

And I must admit at first I panicked. Spent about an 20 minutes doing the ‘why me’ thing… the old 3D program of victimhood: “But I’ve done so much work to get this done. F****** bastards have nothing else better to do?” (obviously not, LOL!)

And I felt the shakes within my own body.

I felt the anger well up in my throat that made me want to scream.

I felt the jitteriness of losing what my head told me was important.

And then I realised I was doing exactly one of the things I help my clients not to do — I was living in my freaking brain box, which was just playing the silly subconscious games it thinks will keep me safe.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

It was time to surrender and let go. So I stopped the headtalk and took a deep breath. I listened to what my soul wanted to do. Guess what that was?


So I went on a play date with moi. Took myself off to an organic cafe in Bangkok that I had been wanting to try, but had been talking myself out of because I was budgeting on what I could spend daily. There I had the most amazing cup of organic coffee I’ve had in months, as well as a delicious lunch that felt good in my belly.

And during the time that I took to savour this meal and take in the ambience of the cafe, I got a huge download.

A download that helped me to really feel into the message I wanted to put across. A download that helped me in that moment to vibrate my soul higher. A download that helped me love the hackers, because I KNOW that EVERYTHING in the Universe is happening FOR me.

That’s some 5D shizzle right there.

You’re welcome.