Hi there, I’m Theresa Fowler, The Thought Shifter.

Now at the ripe age of 55, my journey has not only spanned decades, but also continents. 

Having been raised in the US (hey Boston!), even when I was a little girl I never felt like I belonged. I can remember telling a woman at the bus stop when I was around three years old that I was adopted (much to my mother’s dismay, obvs). I felt like I was in the wrong family, on the wrong planet and the only one who understood me was my best friend Victoria, who lived on the stairs at the high school opposite our apartment and who my parents called imaginary, even though I could ‘talk’ to her and she was very real to me.

After graduating from college in Boston with a BA in Communications, I knew that I wanted to be a journalist and interview the best band in the world, so I made my way to London, UK.

I ended up working in London as a journalist for nearly 25 years, and working freelance for 23 of them in the days before self employment was even a thing (I’ve always been a rebel, LOL!). I worked for various magazines and newspapers spanning music, computer and financial journalism, including becoming editor of The Guitar Magazine and achieving my (then) goal of interviewing the best band in the world in the process — that would be Duran Duran for those that don’t know. 😉

And boy did I live the fast-paced life of working and playing hard, even though on the inside I actually hated who I was and had done since childhood. Because I was under the impression that I ‘had to do’ and be like everyone else. Which never made sense, but I did the best I could to fit in.

Just after Duran Duran (yes, I mention it them again because “❤️”), I got sick. 

Really sick. 

With glandular fever that turned into years of chronic fatigue. At the time I had no idea, but knowing now the metaphysical causes (unacceptable of self, ignoring intuition and fear of failure), I can see how I wasn’t listening to my higher self/soul and still struggling and pushing on trying to fit in, even though it nearly killed me physically. 

I eventually ‘settled’ down and got married in my early 30s, because that’s what you do, isn’t it? — especially when you never felt like the marrying type and some bloke you’re partying with asks you to. (LOL!) But because by then I was an overweight alcoholic, the man I attracted also had his issues and the marriage didn’t turn out the way I had expected — standing where I am now with loads of wisdom and hindsight, this is really no surprise.

The marriage charade went on for another decade while I became clinically obese, even more depressed and rapidly losing interest in journalism — basically running on a treadmill of work, drinking far too much alcohol and abusing recreational substances to distract myself from my higher self, who by then had gone very quiet. 

I also ended up with high blood pressure and cholesterol, various unexplained illnesses, including the debilitating chronic fatigue, topping it all off with Type 2 diabetes. 

And then my life took a completely unexpected turn.

My father died. 

And I had no choice but to begin looking at my life in a completely different way. You see, at his graveside I heard that little voice (who had gone so quiet) say to me: “Get healthy.” And in that moment, I knew that I had to do just that — or else I would be following him into the grave sooner rather than later.

That was 11 years ago.

That was then…

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And this is now!

My journey into the new me began by losing 7 stone (that’s around 100lbs for my friends across the big pond), which eventually led to me qualifying with the YMCA and working as a personal trainer for three years, helping other women over 40 lose weight. But after doing this for a couple of years, I knew there was something missing, as most of them had ended up gaining it all back again after a while, which made me wonder — again, LOL! — why I was different.

I also qualified in therapies including reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology, indian head massage, reiki and EFT (emotional freedom technique), and it was during a reflexology session when I was able to ‘read’ the client’s emotions through their feet (say what?) that the game of life really changed for me.

In that moment, I began to understand how energy works.

So where does self love and play come into this?

Well, that little voice I heard at my father’s graveside made another appearance three years ago.

I had a very bad fall that stopped me from doing any physical training and even yoga for six months. One that stopped me from being able to do reflexology with my clients. 

While I was lying on the ground waiting for the ambulance to arrive, in excruciating pain, I asked the universe what the lesson I needed to learn was — and then I heard “Love yourself.”

Because I now had a body that I was finally proud of and was doing ‘good work’ in helping people feel better about themselves through the different modalities I had learned, I thought that since I didn’t loathe myself anymore that I was OK.

How wrong I was.

Thus I began my path to learning how to love myself. Through this, I also ended up certified to teach ho’oponopono (what I believe literally saved my life) and finally realised that our souls are here to play.

It’s our conditioned subconscious minds that get in the way.

I have struggled so much throughout my life with both physical and mental illness and trauma, but during my own personal development experience, my evolving wisdom has shown me beyond a doubt how important self love and play are to us. 

We no longer have to defend ourselves to anyone.

We embrace our inner weirdo and fly our freak flags high.

We come into full alignment with our truth and wholeness.

There’s only so much positive thinking one can do before they hit yet another brick wall. It’s not until we reconnect to our heart’s frequency (which resonates with that of Mother Gaia) that real shifts begin — scientists from the Heartmath Institute have even proved this. 

Learning how to feel self love (rather than knowing in your head as a concept, which so many do, like I did) has given me the confidence and knowing of how much our energetic vibration plays its part in how not only we see ourselves, but how we experience the abundance that life wants us to have.

Loving yourself is the key to experiencing all the joy the universe holds for you.

And playing your way through your shadows is the fastest way to get there.

This is a very long story short, but if you want to know more, I’m always up for a play date!

Contact me using the form below. 

With love 💖

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Oh and by the way, I also give the most amazing hugs, if I do say so myself. My hugs change lives — no joke. So, if you see me in real life, don’t be shy and come for a hug! 🤗

@chalchang feeling the love in Manila